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Hello again! First update in over a year. The new site looks great.

Quick catchup:

I was living in Los Angeles, CA. I had my GS400 that I built into a drift car, I had sold my ER34 sedan, and my Civic Type R. (can't get into my flickr account) The GS was sold as well to fund my move. Unfortunately, the new owner ended up shredding the timing belt on the 1UZ, bending the valves. It's since had some parts stripped off it, and it's now sitting around somewhere and I'm hoping I can buy it back and return her to her former "glory" if you will. The owner seems reluctant for now but maybe I can persuade him with a decent trade offer in the future.

I ended up moving up north to Washington last year, been working, not doing much with cars. Just driving my daily, doing some street drifting here and there when it rains lol.

E46 328i sedan, 5 speed, welded diff, coilovers, replica TE's, bone stock
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It's seen better days but it get's me around and looks decent enough. However, I recently picked up another car, which is why I'm posting here.

Couldn't resist when I saw this pop up nearby. 99 Lexus GS300, 2JZ-GE, AT, 160k miles, but clean. V$3500
I went to the bank, had my friend take me to go see it, and drove it back to his shop. No issues so far... bushings are a bit clunky though.
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Need to start gathering some parts, I'll update again when I can.

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DEADMANE, is that you? Welcome back man! I didn't realize it was you until I saw the ER34 on that car list, it's nice to see you once more :D It's been a while indeed, and once again I'm so happy to see you in the new forums.

I know selling your rides is quite a hard decision, particularly since your GS and CTR were quite souped up back then, but then again it's for financing better stuff in life. And I'm terribly sorry to hear on your GS's condition, I hope you can get it back to your garage.

That's quite a nice E46 sedan you got there, even in quite worn condition it still looks ready for car meets :lol: I like the addition of roof racks as well. And good luck on the new GS as well, I'm sure you can return it to its former glory ;)
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E46 has pretty nice fitment with TE37's, not the best that they're reps but they should be alright. The GS looks surprisingly good for what it is too, those are usually quite worn out from all the miles! Welcome back and good luck with the builds :)
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OwO ayyy welcome and damn nice 46 you got there i loovvee 3 series sedans and yours is clean. You bought yourself a gs300 ayy you're up onto a good start hope to see more from you bro!!
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I hope which nice build will come out :)
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Get some genuine TE37s on that E46 and you're golden! Like Lagano said, fitment is on fuckin point

And for the JZS161, Bippu build? Hmmmm
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Ayeee ! Glad to see you back on the forums m8 ! I have to say , that the e46 looks absolutely amazing !
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Hey! Welcome to the Forums man. Your E46 looks really nice! I like the stance it has. That GS300 has a lot of potential. 4 Doors for More Whores!
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