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Thanks, guys for all comments :D
Roth wrote:
22 May 2020 00:23
Cool E46 Man! Love the RB swap haha
Thanks, I'm not the owner but building it was fun
SimplifyHerb wrote:
22 May 2020 08:14
OO new car, I guess... It is german again?
Nope hehe
OleAasgaard wrote:
22 May 2020 10:25
why haven't i seen your thread before? :shock:
You got some cool projects going on, that Rotary E36 looks promising :D Unusual build! I like that 8-)
Thanks, mate :D Can't wait to tune 36 and make more power heh
BigSmoke wrote:
22 May 2020 10:44
It's nice to see you keeping the rotary engine healthy and running. After all healthy power comes from a healthy, well-maintained engine :D And WEW you're using a diesel block for the R34? Now this is absolutely interesting :lol: This reminds me to the days of early Japanese tuning era, when everyone runs S30s on Yatabe and most of the build uses diesel crankshafts (usually from LD28) as a bore-up kit. And as you're saying, using diesel block (and probably cranks as well) would result in huge capacity as well, so all in all I'd say this is a brilliant idea. This also reminded me of my own canceled plans of acquiring a diesel Chaser/Mark II for drifting :lol: (Yes, they exists as LX100). Had to cancel the plan as my garage is quite brimmed already and I'm not sure if I can keep using and improving it.

Also hmmmmmm I wonder what would the new car will be? :D
I need to, love those engines, they are different, but we all know they need more love than standard piston ones. I will be using only block, the crank will be form Nitto 3.2L for RB30 sam as rods I-beam 152mm, Nitto RB30 86.5mm forged pistons and all supporting mods like oil pump etc. On top of this, i will use RB26 head. Oh, i heard about that era, as far as I'm concerned LD carnaks were also stronger than OE s30s.
I remember once you talked about buying diesel MK II. Thanks for such a big comment :D

I can give you a small hint, manufacturer location starts with S.....
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