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First and foremost this is (again) a proof of concept little program for low level .trc
file generation and baking the resulting native road game objects into the loaded map-rpk.
The viewport can be navigated with the mouse:
	-Holding down the middle button and dragging will pan the camera.
	-Holding down the left button and dragging will rotate the camera.
	-Holding down the left ctrl button on the keyboard and panning
	will move the camera slower.
	-Holding down left shift will move the camera up/down
Moving the camera also moves the "Marker"
(little circle in the centre of the viewport)
The marker selects the current trc-object.
	-There are 4 types of trc-objects:
			The intersections are connected by lanes these are made up of
			cubic bezier curves a curve will be referd to as an SplSegment
			-Each segment has a Source point and a Target point and two intermediate points
			which will define the derivatives of the curve.
			-The interesections are made up of "Crossing lane"-s each Crossing lane is
			one SplSegment the GreenIntersections are regulated by an internal traffic
			light the red ones are regular intersections.
			-Syntactically same as a lane but does not connect intersections and is
			mainly an internal part these nodes are automatically generated on saving
			and can not be edited.

Buttons on the UI:
	-Render: Opens a file dialog and will load the POLY data from the selected RPK,
	this RPK will be the target for the generated game objects.
	-AddRender: Opens a file dialog and adds the POLY data from the selected RPK.
	-AddTRC: Opens a file dialog and adds the trc-objects of the selected .trc file.
	-Del: Delets the current trc-objects (all of them)
	-SaveTrc: Will save the .trc file and will bake the generated
	native road objects into the selected rpk.
	-BakeTrcToRpk: Will not save the .trc file, ~.
	-NewSection1: Will add a new RedIntersection at the marker with one Crossing lane.
	-NewSection2: Will add a new GreenIntersection at the marker with one Crossing lane.
	-DupLane: Will duplicate the currently highlighted lane.
	-DelSelected: Will delete the currently highlighted trc-object.
	-ShowSpatial: Will show the spatial strcuture of the rpk related to the current position.
	-LockSelection: Locks the currently selected trc-object
	(no new trc-object can be selected with the marker, it can move freely)
		-ClearSelection: Clears any selection made (even the selected Crossing lane)
		-AddCrossing: Adds a new Crossing lane at the marker (to the selected Intersection)
		-DeleteCrossing: Removes the Crossing lane selected in the listbow below.
		-Switch Type (..): Switches between green and red intersection types.
		-LanePriority: If higher the lane will be "open"/"green" for longer.
		-LaneType(MUST SET): will define the semantic of the crossing lane.
		-Adjacent lanes: the two comboboxes can be used to select the logically adjacent lanes
		(meaning the traffic cars can switch to these by lane switching)
		(look for the blue-highlighted lanes in the viewport)
		-GenerateAdjacentLanes: Will try to figure out which would be the most probable adjacent lanes.
		-MaxSpeed: Max legal speed of the lane.
		-End float 2: Related to the priority of the lane for traffic car generation.
		-ClearSelection: Clears any selection made (even the selected SplSegment)
		-PointToStart: Add a new SplSegment to the Source of the lane.
		-PointToEnd: Add a new SplSegment to the Target of the lane.
		-DelSegment: Delete the SplSegment selected in the listbox below.
		-Reverse: Will reverse the lane.
	Buttons for SplSegment editing:
		-SnapToClosest: SNAPPING IS IMPORTANT! this will snap the current selected endpoint
		(source or target) to the closest other endpoint forming a logical connection as
		well to connect a lane to a Crossing lane they must be snapped together.
		-RecalcSnapping: Will recalculate the snapping from relative positions of the endpoints.
		-BreakSnapping: Will invalidate the current snapping of the selected SplSegment.
		-MoveSrc: The marker will move the Source of the current SplSegment.

Download from GoogleDrive

If you have feedback please use this forum : LINK
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