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This is a tool(with source code) to merge RPKs that are on the same level in the RPK hierarchy meaning;
that it wont merge RPKs that are dependant on each other,
It will refuse to merge an RPK to one that has an external reference to the one being merged or vice versa.
The RPKs and the resources that it references should be installed as they were intended to be used
(to the appropriate directories (the mod needs to be installed properly before trying merging)).

I used this program (the model behind it) for SlrrExhaustive and for the UI (I consider this download the "UI")
I tested it on a clean Slrr install
I merged the engines together and to another pack all the racers,
again to another RPK all the fake cars (fake racers and traffic cars) and it worked as intended.
Ofcourse merging the racers is a bad idea because the game uses the ID of the RPK to filter the bodyparts
with the merged RPK all the bodyparts showed up in the catalogue for every car
and the GameLogic.class scans the cars/racers folder for the VehicleTypes
that can also lead to problems if you try and
merge the racers to an RPK in another directory.
Nevertheless these included test for the program to change
RPK references in other RPKs, class files (if a class file and a java file also exists
the program will always update the java and if it finds the two to be consistent also updates
the class (but that will most likely be updated by Slrr itself)),
and cfgs, which it did properly in these cases.

The usage
is quite straight forward there are four buttons at the top of the UI
these should be pressed from left to right and they will guide you through the process
(it reports everything to a logfile in the programs directory
(where it had been uncompressed to) and to the big ListBox on the left of the UI)

Download from GoogleDrive

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