This is a mash up of a bunch of mods from a bunch of people Which i found to make a GREAT Drift Game running on 2.2.1MWN

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This is a drifting build
Ive noticed allot of links going dead and stuff so heres a new one

So yeah this is what it is........ i have no credit in making any of this my 1.4.6 broke and i meshed togeather a bunch of mods starting with VladdV2 and then adding a shit ton of mods.. to all the good people who made mods that are part of this epic game.

Just use winrar/or w.e to unzip it. keep it all togeather in one folder. then hit the streetlegal_Redline.exe.

My controller setup

MAP OUT HANDBRAKE as(B Buttom) and CLUTCH(A Button) same with UPGEAR(Rightbumper)/DOWNGEAR(leftBumper).. i use up and down gears on the bumpers , and the triggers for gas(Right trigger) and brake(Left trigger)

Handy but not needed ones are Map start button to escape and your (X button) to enter. and use my right sticks click for my F1 to change camera.

Maps.. now after youve hit "load car button when you load up the game" and picked a car Rxy or fcsDrag only atm.

theirs 45 maps lol some are good some are bad. ive falling in love with the Shinjuku map/ its the one ive been using to make money on my BROKENDRIFTER save file its great cause one big crash and you whole lap of drifitng is wasted cause you damaged the track and have to pay for the damages plus the damages to yuor car from the accedient. ive got a epic collection of cars in its parking garage but you have to load my save file BrokenDrifter and then go to parking garage. The Top map AC DriftHill is my favourite to just let lose and get the car past its second gears. its a mountain touge run with a nice wide 2 lane road. it loops around back to the top from the start so go eather way.

Yeah besides that Let lose and just smash some cars and learn to drift lol hitting the handbrake and sliding down a straight into a hairpin corner at 60mph and holding 3rdgear redlining the clutch and just as you hit the corner entry you drop the clutch and yeaaaahhhhbooooooooiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii then the S bends owwwweeee soo good.

_____________________________________________________________________________________!FPx2TSJa!z1QeKhBgUDG5 ... 6QlZUFJatQ

Things to know about my saves.
BrokenDrifter-- Working with about 8 cars in parking lot
BrolenDrifter-- fresh save.
Load car saves info:

Wastegate prussure on the FCSdrag saved car is 1.50 bar i found this to be my sweet spot, this cars a drift machine.Just some Clean JDM.
I found sway bars affect the car too much now.
Put a sway bar on my s15 and i started to go from cushy drifts to allmost flipping my car, took the sway bars off and my car was now no longer cushy so i found not putting sway bars on kept my car nice and drifty. but it does add that extra fun of going sideways and you drop the clutch and you get soo much grip the car flips... lol seems ligit lol but i like to slide not flip or drive in a straight line.. if im driving in a straight line im sideways driving straight.
I found the Rxy saved car to be around 1.25 bar wastegate.

Dont look in the errorlog.txt
lmfao the list is too much it makes me think.....
how the fuck is this that stable when its that broken and still make for such a great game. lmfao ONLY SLRR Much love

Hope you like the music its all the rapper K.A.A.N (Knowledge Above All Nonsense)

Ive got over 72 hrs and only run into a few game breaks.. one is a rando glitchs on levels frameskips and if you hit a wall at the same time as a frame skip it can crash the game, 2nd is my save file corupting when going to used car lot to many times, but its savable by just copy pasting old save cars to a new save and continuing from their... besides that even valos working been collecting mods about this game for a while and seeing what works with what. Ill be cleaning the folder up and removing allot of uneeded eventually to try and shorten the file size and fix some errors. but dont expect anything.

If this is in the wrong place or w.e delete it idont care nor do i want money i wanna keep slrr going.

My OS is Linux debian arch,
i3 processor
8g ram
my nvidia doesnt wanna work so im stuck on 620 kabylake intel grafics lol
Plugged into a of the grid power source in a small cabin in the middle of the woods.
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mediafire link?
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very good version for building and messing about on maps... sadly valo city don't work though... but my favourite compilation so far...
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pls mediafire link
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