Rev Physics Alpha by mindeliszz

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Rev Physics Alpha
An UPDATE Alpha 1.2
-Most cars are now compatible with swaybars(many thanks to BiggBoss) improvemens and fixes(that means better handling)
-New swaybar model(thanks to BB again :D) Picture
-more improvements
-Other various fixes and improvements

IF YOUR GAME CRASHES when loading:
Crash is caused by adjustable brake pressure, game can't find it's value, because there's none.
You'll need to create new career/menu car/other saved cars.
If you're just updating, you're OK.


This mod includes:
-Advanced tyre pressure. Tyre pressure have bigger effect on car handling(stiffness,sliction,friction,cpatch width, ect)
-Smart tyre sidewall height, depends on car weight and tyre pressure. Weight is calculated on every wheel separately.
-Better tyre simulation, more realistic handling
-Swaybar fix, properly working, addon(requires to avoid bugs)
-Softer suspension
-Adjustable brake balance(hitting car chassis with tune tool)
-Adjustable brake pressure
-Removes restrictions. You can drive car without wheels, tyres, springs, ect.

This mod includes all java files, feel free to use it as a base for your physics and you can upload it wherever you want.

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You can download all test versions from here: Link

I can't promise you that i'll continue working on it, but if you need some help with this, feel free to contact me.

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How do I put this in-game?
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